Images are one of the most popular ways for online merchants to convey information. Publishing a product image or your company logo, adding a background, or using an image as a link, are all various ways of doing just that. Hence, it has become crucial to understand the different image types and the differences between them.

The need for compression has also led to development of the differences in image types.

Why would you need to convert the image format type of your photos?

  • Due to proprietary reasons, several image formats are exclusively available in one graphics application. You cannot export them in any other software.
  • In more expensive cameras, you choose to shoot in RAW format. However, RAW is not a standard format. In fact, RAW formats may vary even among different camera models from the same manufacturer.
  • Different applications demand different specifications for the images. For example, if you are building a webpage, you will want your images to load quickly. On the other hand, if you want to print your images, you will not want to compromise with the details and quality.

Earlier, we used to have to install large conversion program only to convert a image to another format. However, online converters have long since supplanted this method. We can convert any image on every operating system with just a few clicks or taps using these online converters.

To be honest, the sites appear to work and convert your images as claimed. Are they, however, secure? Depending on the site, it may or may not be worth the gamble. They may cause malware to be downloaded to your computer if you use them. Alternatively, if the files you are converting include critical information, it could fall into the wrong hands.

Although there are some concerns about the safety of online converters, the majority of them are secure. Especially the one we are going to discuss below.

Safe Image Converter

SafeImageConverter is definitely the best pick for this job. It supports tons of image format conversions. They are all carried out with the same ease as one another. The conversion is automatic and instant. It is 100% accurate and there is no chance for data loss. But the thing that makes SafeImageConverter stand out among other online image format converters is that there is no server involved and hence your image files remain completely safe.


Benefits provided by SafeImageConverter


What makes SafeImageConverter stand out the most among other similar online image format converters is that there is no server involved and hence your image files remain completely safe.

Because no data about the image will be sent to the server, SafeImageConverter is a threat-free online image format converter. Your data will not be transferred or saved to the server if you share a file with SafeImageConverter. Only the information required to provide a secure experience and customise your needs is gathered.

The combination of 256-bit SSL encryption technology and serverless interaction ensures that your data is completely secure. The entire feature is implemented in your browser itself using JavaScript libraries.

To do this, SafeImageConverter makes use of a number of powerful JavaScript libraries. Libraries let us build a web page with several UI components, arithmetic functions, and language utilities, among other things.


The conversion process takes place in four steps, namely, uploading your original image, processing by the tool, formatted output in the desire image format, and finally downloading it to your device.

Our tool works quickly and efficiently. The whole conversion process should not take you longer than 2-3 minutes. If the image is large, it might hardly take 5-6 minutes.


Our SafeIMageConverter tool does not compromise with the quality of your image. At no point will your image degrade in quality, irrespective of your original and final image formats.

At the end of your conversion, it will always leave you satisfied with the outcome.


Compared to most heavy duty conversion applications, and even some of the online image format converter, our tool is miles ahead in terms of being user-friendly. No matter how far from being tech savvy you are, this tool will greet you with the same ease and efficiency. The entire process is very easy to navigate and will not take any extra attention to remember for future use.

How to convert the format of your image using SafeImageConverter?

  • Go to the safeimageconverter.com website.


  • Here you can choose from a variety of conversion options based on the original format of your image and the format in which you intend to convert it to. Select the tool that matches your purpose.
  • Click on the Choose File option.

  • Choose the image files that you want to convert. You can also drag and drop your files inside the pink box. You can upload the images from Google Drive or Dropbox too.
  • Click on Convert. The converter will start working on your files and converting them right away. Keep in mind that for larger files, the tool might take some time in order to process them.

  • Once the conversion is complete download it. Just click on the Download button.