Do you need to “ease” some pictures in the BMP file, so that can be shared more efficiently online, though not aware of how? Well, you could change the format into JPG files, which are “light” in exchange for an adequate loss of character. and this task won’t take a graphics specialist to achieve this intent. The cost? Zero! So, in the end, you will be prepared to convert bmp to jpg and hence would be content with the result!

What is a BMP file?

BMP is a short term used for bitmap which is also be known for the terms bitmap, bump, or BMP. This form of file generally employed a raster graphic format in order to save the picture files. We can also recognize that format in both Pcs and Macs, but it initially came into the show on window platforms.

This format saves color data for each image, excluding compression. As the process of storing the picture, information provides a large file size and provides a high-quality picture graphic. The form GIF and JPEG are too bitmaps, although they save image compression level of algorithms that reduce the image’s file extension. due to this reason, GIF and JPEG usually come in applications for the web, and this format of BMP is used for composing the images.

Features of BMP file-

The BMP file format carries various color depths, alpha courses, color profiles, and arbitrary data compression, thus presenting it relatively varied.

• An host of software or apps also support this file format varying from standard file viewer along with several web browsers to software for editing such as Adobe Photoshop.

Moreover, the format can be utilised for storing fragile and high-quality pictures because it can save color data for every pixel in the picture without losing any compression.

• It is additionally important to perceive that the JPEG and GIF forms are too bitmaps, but they apply image compressing algorithms to reduce their file size.

• These files can be compressed or uncompressed without losing their compression. Hence, when related to the JPEG standard, these BMP can be altered, manipulated, and thus moved without dropping their image quality.

What is the JPG file format?

This JPG term stands for the Joint Photographic Group and basically is in a raster format employed on the web. It is thus, said to be a web-friendly file format as its size is small. One of JPG’s limitations is that it reduces the image’s quality as it excludes the digital data by compression so that their image size can become small.

It becomes a problem while utilising JPG for large-quality print as the picture will not be focused, plus the kit will be lightly defined. This form cannot have a clear background and produce a rectangular or squared shape in the setting.

Features of JPG file-

  1. JPG file format can be changed to many different file formats and is compatible with nearly all browsers.
  2. The list of JPG extensions used are .jpeg, .jpe, .jpg, .jif, or . jfif. Most popularly used extensions for JPG are .jpg and .jpeg.
  3. JPG Compression can go for various files at the same point in time and can be carried easily.
  4. JPG picture format has 29 different coding processes.
  5. It reduces the form within a stream of bytes.
  6. JPG file format can further decompress the picture to the regular size.

How to Convert BMP files to JPG or jpg to BMP on Mac?

Since BMP is one defaulted image form on Windows, Mac users choose to convert BMP to JPG file format even larger than those of Windows users. Mac has a default-free application built-in MacOS termed MAC Preview that can easily convert standard file formats. If you only have a single BMP that is needed to convert bmp to a jpg converter online, it’s ok to work with Preview. But if you need to convert in quantity and with large image quality, move into the batch conversion solution.

Convert BMP file to JPG or even can convert JPG into BMPwith Preview MAC app.

then you need to Open BMP format with Mac Preview;

click to File>Export, and then pick JPG being the output. If required, modify the image quality;

then, save your JPG file on mac;

![Learn conversion of BMP file to JPG on MAC]( “Convert BMP file to JPG on MAC” =624x936)

You only need to replace the above with these four easy steps in order to convert a batch BMP file to JPG on MAC-

  • Download and then install the MAC free trial of this program. Run the same on your mac.
  • Then Go to “Converter”, pull and drop your BMP files in the program. Or even you can click on the visible plus sign “+” to attach your BMP files.
  • Pick the output as JPG. Moreover, you can achieve OCR on pictures and present them in editable formats.
  • Tick on the “Convert” icon to convert bmp to jpg converter online on mac. You will get the JPG file in the output folder.

If you need to batch transform JPG back into BMP on mac with the same program, repeat the above actions and adjust the output as BMP.

How to Convert BMP files into JPG or jpg into BMP on Windows?

If you have a Windows OS, then changing JPG to BMP picture file is probable with a built-in photo viewer plus editor Paint. The single drawback of this method is that you can only convert one at a course image.

if you want to convert multiple BMP files to JPG or vice versa on Windows PC then the following steps can help you-

While for Windows users, Pixillion Image Converter is extremely recommended. It allows users to convert several popular picture files to different image formats, such as pdf, psd, gif, tiff, jpg, bmp, png, ico, cr2, wbmp, SVG, etc.

What’s added, users can use this program to squeeze the image impressions, for illustration, mounting, flip, watermark, xopacity, SVG, color.

Follow these steps to convert multiple BMP file formats to JPG on your Windows.

  • Download and then install the Pixillion Image Converter application on the computer. and then run it;
  • Click on the “Add files” icon to upload your BMP files within the program;
  • Then click output as “JPG” of the menu. If you need to add any effects onto your pictures, click “Effects” to pinch the settings, then snap OK;
  • Finally, tick “Convert” to convert BMP to JPG on Windows;
  • If you need to convert the JPG file back to BMP in the group, repeat the same steps but pick here the output as BMP.

Top free ways to convert bmp to jpg online or JPG to BMP

A professional converter is continuously the best and most effective way to perform the conversion. However, if you need a freeway, or you don’t ought to perform such a conversion quite often, an online free option is a good decision. Below is a listing of the best, absolutely free image converter online software programs. Some of them are even online, indicating you can apply them to convert images online without requiring you to download the application or the program.

It has become easy now to Top free ways to convert bmp to jpg online or JPG to BMP. learn how.

1. Zamzar

is an online free program to convert documents, videos, images, audio and even ebooks. It supports a group of conversions and can sustain the file feature as much as possible.

What We Like

  • Maintains bulk conversions.
  • Runs online, so you don’t require to install anything.
  • Pictures can be as large as 50 MB.
  • the easier-to-use known image converters.

What We dislike

  • Converts only two images per sitting and 24 hours.
  • Pictures are downloaded separately (even if you change more than one).

2. Adapter

This is an intuitive file converter program that promotes popular file forms and lots of nice features. In its purest form, the Adapter allows you to drag and drop pictures into the line, and quickly pick the output form. You can definitely see the extent of the image data before and later they’ll be saved.

What We Love

  • Very minimal and simple to use.
  • Reformations are available instantly.
  • You don’t need to upload the pictures anywhere.
  • Upholds the bulk of conversions.
  • Acts on Windows and macOS.
  • Installs instantly.

What We dislike

  • Needs you to download the software.
  • Supports a minimum amount of image file formats.

3. PixConverter

is another online top free file converter. Though it holds plenty of beneficial features, it, however, manages to be simple to use. This program supports a group of conversions, the capability to import various photos at once, resizing, image rotation, and altering the picture color.

What We Love

  • Walks you within a step-by-step expert.
  • You can even adjust the quality of the pictures.
  • can resize and rename your images.
  • Can convert multiple images at once.

What We hate

  • Works only on Windows.
  • Many of the benefits might be useless for the normal user.
  • Hasn’t been modernised since 2007.


Hence, these are some of the top best online ways to convert your BMP to JPG very quickly in a few flashes without losing the authenticity of your files. You can apply any converter choice available above according to tour ease and comfort.