What is a CR2 file?

Simply saying, CR2 pictures are the file format of images that are captured using a Canon Digital camera. They are described as raw images since they are not completed processing. It includes minimally prepared data which are captured using a digital canon camera. Usually, these immature file formats have remarkably high quality and need specific tools to unlock them.

The software as Adobe Photoshop can easily convert this CR2 to JPG yet the software is also large to download and needs a lot of bucks if you buy.

CR2 pictures are the file format of images that are captured using a Canon Digital camera.

Features of CR2 file?

  • Not all picture viewing software stands for raw formats. To open these CR2 files, you require to set up an extension or apply a raw image processor program or image editing software.
  • Most third-party applications also hold CR2 files, including all Adobe apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom can easily open a CR2 file. In the example of Photoshop, although, it shall launch the Adobe Camera Raw interfacing where one can open and prepare to process raw data before transferring it to Photoshop.
  • Other paid applications that open CR2 images are ACDSee, Affinity Photo, Capture One Pro, and Luminar. That’s not to assume that you’ll have to pay for the premium software to open such a CR2 file.

What’s a JPG file?

A JPG, also named JPEG, is the best and popular digital form for photographic files. JPEG, having an extension of .jpg and .jpeg, which are swappable. The JPG is a widely common model for digital photography by reason of the fact that of its compression. There are over a trillion JPG images being created every day from the millions of mobile devices running globally.


  • Portable

The JPEG files are extremely compressible. The modest file size indicates that JPEG images can simply be uploaded on internet pages.

  • Congeniality

JPEG images are cooperative with almost all tools and software, which suggests that there is no necessity to change the form for usage.

  • Vigorous

High-resolution of their JPEG images are lively and colourful and thus, it supports around 24-bit colour for up to 18 million colors.

  • Inconstant Compression

JPEG images can be reduced according to the requirements of the application. The level of compression is adjustable.

How to Convert these CR2 files to JPG

Top 10 free ways to convert cr2 to jpg on Windows AND MAC

If you have a Canon digital camera, the grade of the photos you get is excellent. This is essentially due to the high-standard CR2 file format utilised in Canon cams. Sadly, accessing such pictures is challenging because most tools do not support CR2 files, which are also very large. Hence, if you want to locate your photographs from other tools, you’ll require to convert these files of CR2 to JPG.

Although CR2 is not supported for most devices, so we have listed some of the top free tools available online which can help you convert them to JPG. In this section, you will see some of the top free tools to convert these .cr2 to .jpg along with a step-by-step method for using them.

Top 10 free ways to convert cr2 to jpg on Windows AND MAC

1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a good tool that enables you to convert online cr2 to jpg converter. As implied by its name, this remedy is cloud-based. more than converting CR2, it also supports covering 200 other file formats such as WEBP, HEIC, PNG, and GIF. For beneath 25 conversions in a time, using CloudConvert is absolutely free. For anything past that, you’ll require to pay for a personalized subscription package.


Conserve image quality

Offers characteristics to adjust picture quality, magnitude, and resolution

Sustains batch conversion of online cr2 to jpg converter


You need to spend bucks for a subscription price to access full attributes

2. FreeConvert

Free Convert is an alternative ideal option. You only require an internet connection to utilize it as it’s available via a web browser. Other than denoting a .CR2 converter, that can meet all conversion requirements as it sustains a host of formats. Further, this tool is protected. Thus this is limited to no risk of files being negotiated.


Has both paid and free packages to provide to all users’ requirements


No advertisements

can batch conversion

A wide variety of formats is supported


The free basic pack has a restricted feature

3. Convertio

Convertio is though another CR2 image conversion tool that you can locate online and can use to convert nearly all file kinds. Since it’s web-placed, you can locate it on any operating method. For people who are unaware of how to convert online cr2 to jpg converter, then this tool Convertio offers free training and support as well.


Relatively reasonable pricing

Supports multiple formats



100 MB greatest file size may be extremely limiting for a few users

4. ILoveIMG

When it appears to online photo editing, only a seldom, if any, can match with iLoveIMG. This device has been created to offer excellent image editing plus conversions, making it an appropriate CR2-to-JPEG conversion tool. Better still, iLoveIMG is available in several languages and possesses very descriptive characteristics, making it simple to use.


Free version accessible

Loads of image editing offers

Supports group cooperation

Files are encoded to ensure protection

Available in several languages



Requires paid subscription to uncover full features

5. Zamzar

From any sort of image conversion, Zamzar is yet another free and online dynamic tool. Without downloading, you can simply convert files web-based, and not even require registering. one only need to enter a URL for converting an online file directly from the computer. Once the conversions are ready, one shall receive a notification via email. Conversions of under 50MB are free, which is enough for images.


Conversions of files of 50 MB and under are free

Email notifications

Easy to change CR2 files


Large files need a subscription

6. Raw.Pics.io

By name, Raw.Pics.io is an asset digital management tool that helps one organize and obtain digital files instantly. It also empowers teams to collaborate on plans and share them with other companies. Because it’s built on the peak of Google Drive, one can be guaranteed that their files are secured.

Among its numerous features is the capacity to convert CR2 to JPG. Utilizing this tool is simple, and one will get infinite storage if one has a G Suite paid subscription.


Highly reliable

Offers asset digital management tools

Wide variety of features

Supports cooperative efforts


takes time to get consumer support

7. Online-convert.com

Online-convert.com enables one to convert from CR2 to JPG easily since the interface is secure. With this free software, one can not only convert formats but further access a wide variety of features to improve the image quality. It enables one to adjust pixels, DPI, and sharpen, and equalize pictures along with adjusting the size.

Top 10 free ways to convert cr2 to jpg on Windows AND MAC

Online-convert.com proposes exceptional customer assistance to assist you when needed.


Free converter

Easy to utilise

Additional characteristics to improve picture quality

Reliable consumer support


Full features on subscription paid packages

8. Online Converter

There’s no record of online CR2 free converters to use that can be perfect without an Online Converter. This is a device that offers function, reliability, and, efficiency. also, one can use it for several different videos, and document formats.


Free and secure-to-use

Supports a broad range of formats

Can be applied to convert files online


Limited features as opposed to other file converters

Conversions can get longer

9. Free CR2-to-JPG Converter

Free CR2-to-JPG online Converter is an outcome of Media Freeware. it is a beneficial tool as it is simple to use, even for newcomers. one can use it to change CR2 to JPG on their Windows 10. With easy settings in the UI, one can begin insertion and converting data immediately post-installation.

With this device, one will get high-quality pictures as it offers extra features that enable to customize the size, colours, and resolution, among others.

Supported OS—- Windows

How to use this Free online CR2-to-JPG Converter

Learn How to use this Free online CR2-to-JPG Converter

  • Download, install and then simply run this software on a Windows device.
  • Add the CR2 picture needed to convert.
  • Use the setting characteristics to adjust the pictures as desired.
  • Click on the Convert to initiate this conversion.



Customization highlights available


Only usable to Windows users

10. Pixillion Image online Converter

Pixillion Image free Converter is a tool specially designed for picture use. As a converter, its firm multi-format and simple-to-use tools are handy. Likewise, being a CR2 file converter to JPG, one can use this to convert pictures to PDF, GIF, BMP, TIFF, plus many more.

It also enables one to rotate, compress, and resize digital pictures. Other useful characteristics include the capability to append watermarks along with captions to images, providing them with a personalized feel.

Supported OS: macOS and Windows


Combinations with other applications such as PhotoPad

Quick conversion

User-pleasant interface


The free version restricts the number of pictures to convert at one time

Well, these above discussed free online programs are usually missing features and conversion rates compared to paid equivalents, but are excellent for converting small quantities of files. Still, if you just need to convert pictures without editing them, then this free online software might be an exceptional choice.